Home Ventilation and Condensation Control

The continuing drive towards energy-efficiency has meant that many buildings are now effectively sealed chambers with very little in the way of natural ventilation, leading to an increased risk of condensation. Ventilation is even further reduced during condensation season, which runs from now until March and is at its worst during the coldest months.

Condensation occurs when water vapour in the air returns to a liquid state upon meeting cool surfaces such as doors, walls and windows. The warmer the air is, the more moisture it can hold and so winter, when buildings are well heated inside and windows and doors are kept firmly closed, is prime time for condensation problems to develop. Further adding to the problem is the necessity of drying laundry indoors; clothes left to dry on radiators discharge litres of water into the air as do tumble driers or dishwashers that are improperly installed.

Damage to health and property accompany condensation problems, as woodwork rots, masonry walls soak up damp and mould begins to grow. All of these problems can be quickly, easily and safely prevented using the professional Twistfix collection of Condensation Control products - the range includes dehumi­difiers, heat recovery units, ventilation systems, anti-condensation paint and mould removal solutions.

Heat Recovery Fans - Chosen time and time again for its winning combination of superlative effectiveness and competitive price. This best selling unit contain two fans, one to extract humid household air and the other to draw in fresh air from the outside.  The two air streams travel through a highly effective heat exchange unit that extracts the heat energy in the out-going air and transfers it to the fresh incoming air.  The two air-flows never mix, ensuring that 80% of the exhaust heat energy is recovered and reused. The heat recovery fans run continuously at cost-efficient low speed, providing constant background ventilation. When the humidistat registers high level of humidity the ventilation unit switches to 'boost' setting to quickly expel the moisture laden air before the moisture has chance to condensate.

Positive Input Ventilation Units - Positive input ventilation works on a different principal to extraction ventilators in order to control condensation throughout the entire property. The Nuaire range of positive pressure ventilation fans gently supply fresh and filtered air from a ventilated loft or an external grille. The constant input of fresh air ensures that the air pressure inside a home is greater than that outside; thus humid, stale and contaminated air is forced out of the home, reducing the incidence of condensation and improving indoor air quality.

You can find this product, along with our full range of condensation control products, by clicking ‘­Condensation’ in our dedicated ‘Damp’ section. For more information on how to combat the problem this condensation season, call Twistfix on 0845 123 6006 or email to sales@twistfix.co.uk.

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