Heat Recovery Unit

Heat Recovery Unit
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This heat recovery unit is available in a kit comprising an Eclipse Stadium HRV 150 fan, a remote humidistat unit and a 152mm diamond-tip core bit set. The kit provides everything you need to control humidity levels and reduce the likelihood of conden­sation.

Unlike conventional extractors, the HRV contain two fans, one to take out stale household air and the other to draw in fresh air. The two air streams flow through a highly efficient heat exchanger that recovers and up to 80% of heat energy from expelled air and transfers it to the incoming airflow.

All units are manufactured to have balanced airflow so as not to interfere with conventional gas boilers / heating systems. The economical heat recovery unit runs continuously on trickle speed at a cost of appro­ximately 3 pence per day and has automatic and manual options to change to boost speed when needed. The 152mm core bit set facilitates quick and clean instal­la­tion, making installation easy from the inside of high rise flats

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