Heat Recovery Fan Extension

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Heat Recovery Fan Extension

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Heat Recovery Unit

Heat recovery unit in a kit comprising an Eclipse Stadium HRV 150 fan, a humidistat unit and a 152mm core bit set. The kit provides everything you need to control humidity and reduce condensation
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Heat Recovery Unit 4 Pack

Heat recovery units in a multi-buy pack of 4. These humidity control heat exchange fans reduce relative humidity and alleviate condensation, providing continuous ventilation with minimum heat loss.
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Nuaire Dri-Eco-LC

Eco Condensation Fans are Nuaire’s entry level positive input ventilation units which gently supply tempered, filtered air into the home. Positive ventilation removes indoor air pollutants and excessive water vapour.
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Nuaire Flatmaster

Flatmaster is a low cost, low energy positive input ventilation unit for condensation control in flats and apartments. An entry level Nuaire anti-condensation unit at a budget price
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