Health and Safety gone mad!

Do you agree with Health and Safety procedures that you must follow when working on a construction site?

Even if you’re a worker, contractor or client I am most certainly sure you will have to follow the health and safety guidelines, covering things like slips and trips to impacts loud noise can have. Construction is one of the most dangerous industries, that is why there are so many procedures. These are in place to protect everyone around to be safe and prevent an unexpected accident, however do you think some of regulations are nonsense and safety signs are now too many?

Many procedures are common practice and don’t get me wrong Health and Safety is important and it is needed. Before any roofing work I always need to plan and organise the job so work can be carried out safely but effectively. I am always extra careful when working with electrical equipment, making sure to isolate any electrical systems. Wearing the correct PPE is imperative. No type of PPE should be worn if it’s damaged or ruined, throw it away!

I am in charge of site organisation this includes looking after the public and other workers; this is a huge respon­sibility I must monitor what is going on around the site. Unfortunately I don’t have eyes in the back of my head and I am not psychic. I can’t always foresee potential accidents but I can minimise the risks. I can predict the type of injury that can occur from an accident, as you would expect with any accident comes a whole lot more work. Following health and safety policies may seem boring but it is essential for everyone some mishaps are minor meanwhile some carry major consequences. Listen to the health and safety advice.

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