Have you got time?

On 30th October the clocks changed as always time went back to signal the end of British Summer Time, marking the start of winter and the lead up to Christmas.

For some this is a busy time of year, a time when you start to feel rushed and pressed. A pretty bad time to have an over-hanging construction job that needs accom­plishing, even so this job may still be top of your agenda. Whether it be Crack Stitching, Damp Proofing or getting your Basement ready for Christmas, have you a deadline to meet? Or just would like to get everything out the way? Now is the best time to undertake that assignment. Finding the required time for jobs is great.

Make sure you give yourself the chance to properly plan out any works. It’s best not to rush any renovation work! You want to do the best job you can do. Break it down into processes and set the time for each stage. Preparation is essential so buy items ahead of time then you have what you need and when you need it, so many times I have ordered goods too late and not got them on site for the day they were supposed to be. Try to anticipate any potential setbacks for the best chance of avoiding them. These reasons eat into your time and halt the job. When this happens not only you lose time but this can displease your client.

I once showed someone how to install a few Remedial Wall Ties, I offered to come and help them put in the first few. They were amazed at how fast the installation was. If only more people were aware of how straight forward it is, neither hard nor difficult. I always do the best job I can because I have given myself the time to do it in.

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