Ground Screw Kit

Ground screw kit
  • Ground screw kit
  • Ground screw kit 2
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This Ground Screw Kit comprises a spiral ground anchor and a 90 degree fixing bracket to connect sheds, decking, benches etc.  The ground screw can be hammered directly into the soil to form a firm anchorage point for various tie-down ap­pli­cati­ons. The helix sets up self-rotating entry as it screws deep into the earth. As there is no need to use concrete, in­stal­la­ti­on times are extremely fast.

Need to remove the ground screw? Once the bracket is removed the anchor is free to rotate and is removable; simply insert a bar through the top aperture and unscrew out of the ground.

The Ground Screw Kit is available in 40mm or 50mm diameter in a selection of different lengths. 

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