Gone in a BANG!

Yesterday in China, in a large scale building demolition 19 big buildings were completely and totally demolished in just 10 seconds.

It took a whole load of explosives to bring them all down. As with any demolition it brought down the whole structure, glass, concrete and steel. This is making way for a new business hub in China which will include a tall 707 metre sky scraper. This happened in the city centre of Wuhan, so they had to be extra careful of the surrounding areas. Something like this can be planned and prepared but the results can be unpredictable and often uncon­trol­lable. It all happened late at night. Approx 11:50pm. Using explosives is the best method to use when destroying building’s like these. It is both time and cost effective not having to take building down part by part, piece by piece this would have took many days. It’s funny to think that something that would of took quite a while to build can be brought down in seconds! When being constructed these would of taken some time to put up. Thankfully there was no damage to anyone or to anywhere nearby.

Watching buildings be demolished is not always to peoples liking, as they may be upset to see a certain building they may have liked or even loved fall to the ground. This could also have been someone’s home and they have to move out to allow demolition of their home. Someone of my favourite places from my hometown are no longer there anymore, however new buildings now stand where they used to be. Sad, but it happens. I do see some buildings that are ruined, wrecked and unoccupied but still standing…how about dismantling and getting rid of them?  they’re all eyesores.

Time for them to now build fresh, new and beautifully designed buildings to stand in their place. The ever-changing scene of our towns

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