Expanding Spray Foam

Expanding Foam
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Expanding spray foam sealant is supplied in packs of 6 x 750ml gun grade aerosol cans. The expanding polyurethane foam filler contains CFC-free propellants and expands on application to yield up to 40 times the contents of the can.

The spray foam delivers good adhesion to most substrates and offers superb thermal and acoustic insulation properties. The foam sealant is ideal for filling and sealing openings in roof construc­tions, mounting and sealing window frames and filling gaps. The expanding foam sealant an also be used for isolation of corroding wall ties (see BRE Digest 329 Fig 2 for guidance)

Shake the aerosol can for at least 20 seconds. Fit the gun on the adapter. Moisten surfaces with a water spray prior to application. Fill holes and cavities for 65 %, as the foam will expand. Repeat shaking regularly during application. If you have to work in layers repeat moistening after spraying each layer.  Cured PU foam must be protected from UV-radiation by painting or applying a top layer of sealant

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