Electro-Osmosis Damp Proof Monitor

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A small, but sophis­ticated, damp detector / electro-osmosis power control unit that manages, monitors and displays the electrical charge carried through the wall by moisture. The Lectros osmotic dpc system carries a CISRO Approval (Australian BBA equivalent) when used with this unit.

As the electo-osmosis dpc system reduces moisture content in a wall the current (electrical potential) will be seen to reduce on the LED readout and the unused voltage seen to increase.

This is the only damp detector / monitor available on the market that constantly displays the electrical flow rate to give an excellent indication of how dry or damp the walls are. This power control, damp detecting and monitoring system includes a voltage regulator to protect the charged titanium. It is a highly recommended addition to the Lectros electro osmosis dpc kit. Simply fix to the wall and use in place of the standard power unit, taking initial benchmark readings to compare with future read-outs.

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21st Jan 2015, 04:42
John Geraghty
Can't beat scientific proof!

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