Drones – The Future of Construction?

You may or may not already know what a ‘drone’ is. Is this phrase new to you? It probably is so I will define this term to you as simply a ‘flying robot’ which can be controlled either remotely by a person or set to run autonomously.

They are currently being trialled, tested and run through their paces by many companies who are hopeful they will improve the way they operate, they are versatile so can be used to do various assignments. They can reach high in the skies so can be used to predict the weather (right or wrong!), A drone with a camera attached could take stunning photos used by people in photography.­  Drones could take charge of deliveries, delivering your next online order. The possibilities are endless.

The US has already started with the use of drones around building sites. What can drones bring to the UK construction industry? If you were to use one on-site how can this help you? Or would it simply be more of a hindrance to you! They would be great for surveying construction sites, they can get to those hard to view areas that maybe you can’t. Being able to get a bird’s eye view (I think the term is ‘drones eye view’). Getting a good picture of things is vital in building surveys while eliminating the risk of a fall or an accident. The drones would be capable of getting into small and large spaces, making everybody’s job easier.

On the other hand drones would be expensive to run and to maintain, any faults would need to be rectified straight away to minimise any interruption in work. Having one flying around a construction site I feel one would be prone to damage. The costs will soon mount up. I decided to do some research and found out there are many guidelines to which you must adhere to.

How would you feel relying on technology for your work? The US has already started with the use of drones around building sites.

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