Dont pack your bags just yet...

Announced just this week are plans to build 14 new Garden Villages across England

Sites from both up North and down South have been chosen. These plans have been introduced to hopefully build lots more houses away from huge towns, this will create small and large new communities. Perfect for people who don’t like the hustle and bustle of city and town life. On paper this sound like a great way of building more homes set in a picturesque environment where most people would like to live. People have come out and voiced their displeasure at these proposed sites, how they will ruin the ever dwindling countryside that we have when the Garden Villages are built. Another matter would be house prices and how this affects them, this will have an influence on both buyers and homeowners.

Sure your opinion on this matter may vary dependent on whether you are for or against the current government’s policies. The population continues to rise so homes will need to be built. I believe that an increasing population also has a negative effect on environment with the damage people cause. Do you see these potential homes as a plight on UK green areas? These ideas will continue to be discussed. As always people are bound to have varying issues and questions, if anything these are a long long way off. I believe thought needs to be put into these for them to be successful, there is always the worry that they won’t be.

If I was you I wouldn’t pack my bags just yet. Of course these plans have only just been announced and everybody should know homes are not easily built. Maybe it won’t even happen. Can it be delivered? 

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