Don’t fear DIY. It really isn’t scary

I set out to come up reasons why people fear DIY

DIY may seem from your point of view as a burden something you don’t want to get started ‘just yet’ you find yourself putting the project off until next month, after the summer and then next year, time passes and it doesn’t get done. Family and friends come round and visit and keep asking you “when are you going to get round to doing that” in reality your too scared to make a move. It’s a common problem experienced by many.

You may be a keen professional who is about to begin their first ever Damp Proofing job or a novice. However I recommend not letting your inexperience get in the way. If you are new to DIY its best to motivate yourself to get started. On some projects I recruit my friend to give me a helping hand getting started. I suggest this to anyone starting out you can learn from their knowledge and expertise that they bring. You may need to do some refurbishment or home improvement work. As the name suggests this will ‘improve’ your home leaving it looking better than it did before. You’ll be extremely happy with the end result. Keeping the property well-main­tained is a great benefit to you. Increasing space and comfort will make your home more relaxing, as well as improving energy efficiency. If in the future you’re looking to sell your home, this will increase the value and make your property more attractive to potential buyers. Doing the job yourself will also eliminate the need to find a contractor which could mean you end up paying more than you have to for small scale work if it was to escalate when not repaired.

As you can see there are plenty of benefits to improving, renovating and repairing your home. Even if you’re a first time DIY’er. Have I convinced you? I hope I have.

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