Dont Drive my Car!

Do you ever use your phone at the wheel? Yesterday I was reading how police had cracked down on the amount of people using their mobile phones at the wheel. 

Around 8,000 fines and penalty notices were handed out in exactly just one month, that’s an increase on previous years! In September the amount of points and the fine doubled. The correct thing for me to say here is not to use your phone ever while driving, yes not even the most important calls. I’m a little confused if using a Bluetooth headset is acceptable or not. Let’s be honest this is massively important. I am not sure of the number of accidents on this one but what I am sure of is this will cause accidents most times these will be serious. I not talking about taking calls over the phone but this can include things like, texting, tweeting or even ordering from Twistfix while at the wheel. Cant that test message reply wait?

Because I do a lot of Wall Tie, Damp Proofing and Basement Waterproofing jobs all over the country I am often travelling up and down, north and south in the van. I find myself constantly observing and commenting on other people’s driving habits. One thing that often irritates me A LOT is when people fail to indicate, not only will this irritate me the driver but also a pedestrian who is trying to cross the road. Now this is being enforced we will easily see a decrease in the amount of people using a handheld mobile while driving. This is good news and will mean we avoid road traffic accidents. How about drink driving? Well we all know how that ends…

Stay safe on the roads. Remember to indicate. We should all be fine.

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