Do your homework!

Not sure where to start in your latest repair task? Always best to read up on what you’re going to undertake. Here are some handy tips on how you can learn and prepare yourself for the job your about to start.

Once you have the gist and get going you’ll finish in no time, Seek advice on the internet, here you’ll find plenty of skilled people. There are plenty of forums which are topic specific so you can join, discuss and advise others on construction and renovations subjects. Also on the Twistfix site you can gain access to data sheets on products such as Wall Ties, Damp Proofing Cream and Basement Membranes. ‘How to guides’ show you how each product is used and what for. Each contains a diagram and step by step installation instruction for you to follow. They also have the technical specifi­cations if needed for that product. If you are new to this I would urge you beforehand to read them. It will aid in giving you a better understanding of the products. You can easily print the data sheets off and use them wherever is best, at home or on-site from Twistfix.­co.­uk. No matter how small or minimal the work is don’t go into it ‘blind’ make sure you know what steps you’ll have to take.

Everything is like riding a bike, once you know how to do it you’ll never forget. I find you pick up new skills along the way which you can use in the future as well and your ability to do certain things improves. Your confidence will grow with the more you learn this enables you to be more comfortable when working. To conclude it makes sense to inform yourself of the steps and methods you’re going to have to take.

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