Do you take Contactless?

Just this weekend while out doing my shopping for the first time ever used contactless on my debit card, a simple tap on the screen of the card machine and I had paid. How simple.

It also felt quite weird, after using chip and pin to pay for card purchases for so long and now it would seem I would never have to do that again. Well that was until the next day I was out shopping again and was told I would not be able to use contactless as the shop did not take it! I’m sure soon every shop will have methods to pay this way. A lot of you are as I am aware unsure on using a contactless card, what if you lose your card and is picked up by someone else who then that person wouldn’t need your pin to make a purchase up to £30 (the limit was £20 up until September 2015). I think this will most likely increase with time. For this reason many people refuse to use contactless.

You can also tap in and out in a similar way with an Oyster Card on the tube this has banished the need to ever que to buy a ticket, however ques are still around a mile long just to go through the barrier (when they are not on strike that is). I’m starting to embrace using contactless out and about and I believe more and more people will, old or young.  It allows me to be tech savvy in this new day and age. Maybe soon contactless will be the only option and chip and pin will be no longer.

Let’s see how often I use it this week for day to day things. Which is your preferred method of payment?  

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