Did your bonfire night go up in flames?

Bonfire Night happens every year, a night when fireworks and fire light up the sky. When I go out to watch a display I am always amazed at the colours, sounds and sights.

I even like that smoky smell that lingers around the air on Bonfire Night. What I don’t like is when people decide to set fireworks off weeks, sometimes even months before the actual day itself, or cause a nuisance by setting them off late into the night.

When I am at a display or observing others on a nights walk I always take note of the safety aspects and the manner in which people manage fireworks. I like to think of myself as very safety conscious. All the time I look in horror when I see badly put together displays or shows of recklessness around fireworks. Lots of people put on fantastic displays but fail to safeguard their environment, sometimes bonfires are too close to certain object which are vulnerable to catching fire! This happens especially when you haven’t planned your display well.

Fire protection is the key to keeping and staying safe, including protecting what’s around you. I know many pieces of garden furniture are made from wood/timber these are flammable when exposed to fire and heat, unless protected by a fire resistant product. This is reason enough not to hold your bonfire in close proximity to any item that will catch fire. Make sure to double check the distance away, what may seem a safe gap to you might actually not be good enough. It’s important to be responsible for others when organising an event. The thing to remember is not to be careless when it comes to fireworks, make sure your area is fire protected!

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