Crack Stitching Bars

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Crack Stitching Bars

Helically twisted crack stitching bars are used to reconnect and reinforce cracked masonry walls and brickwork. These 6mm profilled and twisted stainless steel  bars are bonded across cracks in a wall to increase the tensile and flexural strength of masonry.

In use the high tensile (circa 8kN)­ reinforcing bars re­dis­tri­bute tensile forces along the full length of the helix and provided added resiilience to shear loads to fully restore the stabilised structure to full strength.

Twistfix crack stitching bars are manufactured in the UK to patented engineering tolerances and are sold in packs of 10 in legths of 1, 1.5 & 2m. To fix the helical re­in­for­cem­ent bars into walls you need: WHO60 Masonry repair grout, Helix mixing paddle, Finger trowel and a Grout Master mortar applicator

Crack Stitching Bars for Sale from Twistfix

Click here for help & advice on how to repair cracked walls

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18th Oct 2013, 17:04
I've used other company's with very similar products but they were over priced compare to twist fix and took longer to arrive I would most defiantly recommend and I will be using twist fix again
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