Concrete Sealer - An Essential Basement Water­pro­ofing Product

A brand new basement conversion in the Cheshire area has recently benefited from Microsealer, a Twistfix concrete sealer used for chemically hardening floor slabs to reduce dusting, inhibit efflo­res­cence and extent floor life

As part of the extensive renovation work involved in the basement conversion, a new floor slab was laid in order to provide a level walking surface. This slab needed to be chemically hardened and Microsealer was decided upon as the most effective solution. Microsealer has many benefits including the inhibition of lime efflo­res­cence which can block air-gaps in basement water­pro­ofing membrane. Lime buildup in pipes and plumbing systems can cause serious problems and so Microsealer is the perfect product for this type of project.

A water-based, odourless liquid, Twistfix Microsealer penetrates deeply into concrete upon application, reacting with the hydrated cement to a depth of 15mm. Silicate-active ingredients in the innovative formula then form monolithic structures within the masonry, making it stronger and more durable. The formula also improves the surface-wear charac­te­ristics of the concrete and reduces the penetration of oil.

The silicone resin components of Microsealer cure, giving the concrete a strong water-repellent quality from within. This quality gives a strong resistance to lime efflo­res­cence and water absorption at the surface. For new slabs allow the concrete to cure for at least 14 days prior to treatment.­  For existing floors the essential process of preparing the concrete surface to remove weak material via mechanical abrasion,­must be undertaken before the floors can be treated.

Microsealer is not suitable for use on floors having a deficiency in cement content. The product is also not recommended for use as a pre-painting surface preparation.

This expertly-engineered product joins the Twistfix range of basement water­pro­ofing products and is guaranteed to provide professional results every time when used according to the included instruc­tions.

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