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Flood Pump Kit

Easy to operate, the Flood Pump Kit will remove flood water from your property with speed and efficiency. Fully automatic submersible pump, long (20m) discharge hose and filtered tank. Discharges up to 10,000 litres/ hour
  • RRP €513.30
  • €423.38
  • €352.82

Gutter Guard

Hedgehog gutter guard is quick and easy to install. The guards snugly line the gutter stopping everything but the rain to prevent blocked gutters. Size: 100mm x 4m
  • RRP €26.43
  • €24.78
  • €20.65
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Ground Screw Kit

This removable ground screw is hammered into the soil to form a firm anchorage point. Complete with angled bracket for tie-down applications. Available in 40mm and 50mm diameter and a selection of lengths
  • RRP €33.75
  • €31.01
  • €25.84

Mechanical Ties Expanding Brass

These mechanical fixings replace corroding cavity ties. This fixing has an expanding brass shell mechanism at either end of an Austenitic Stainless Steel tie bar. Box Quantity 150
  • RRP €304.44
  • €280.37
  • €233.64

Hydrosack Flood Bags

Hydrosack flood bags are the new, modern solution to forming effective flood barriers for domestic houses and commercial buildings. The 3-section flood sacks are the perfect sandbag alternative. Sold in packs of 2
  • RRP €19.47
  • €14.15
  • €11.79

Surestop Stopcock and Water Switch

Surestop push button stopcock with remote water switch. No more difficult to find or seized-up brass stopcocks. The Surestop stopcock and water switch system turns water supplies on or off at the flick of a switch
  • RRP €58.76
  • €46.02
  • €38.35

Hydrosnake Flood Defence Barrier

HydroSnake flood defence barrier is an essential accessory for householders living in areas at risk of flooding. It can be stacked or folded according to the protection required. Sold in packs of 2
  • RRP €22.12
  • €14.15
  • €11.79

Plasterboard Fixing Tool Pro-Set

Plasterboard fixing tool set comprising a chuck collar and SDS punch. The collar is designed to fit a standard 43mm SDS chuck. The collar is adjustable to set the countersink depth of the punch
  • RRP €56.64
  • €46.02
  • €38.35

Radon Mitigation Fan

RP265i radon mitigation fan is engineered to pump radon gas from beneath buildings. Designed for use where high airflow or multiple radon sumps are required, fans are effective, whisper-quiet and energy efficient.
  • RRP €411.82
  • €444.62
  • €370.52

Groundscrew Tethering Kit

Spiral Ground-screw Tethering Kit comprises a spiral ground anchor and a large diameter eye bracket to tether a variety items such as marquees, trailers, young trees, etc. 40mm or 50mm diameter anchors in a selection of different lengths
  • RRP €32.50
  • €29.88
  • €24.90

Roof Shield Paint System

Roof-Shield Paint System is a professional waterproofing system for large flat roof areas. The system covers an average of 20m2 on a smooth surface, providing exceptional performance for up to 10 years
  • RRP €404.39
  • €380.90
  • €317.42

Wall Starter Staple

The Twistfix wall starter staple is suitable simul­ta­ne­ously tying both leaves of a cavity wall extension to an existing building structure, sufficient to tie a cavity wall extension up to 2.4m high - 8Pk
  • RRP €23.54
  • €16.85
  • €14.04