Channel Drain Outlet

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Flangeless conduit channel with a 60mm outlet, which transfers water from a perimeter drainage system into a drain or pump and sump arrangement.

The channel outlet has a flip top that provides easy access to facillitate cleaning

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Channel Outlet

PVC conduit drainage channel and outlet pipe for feeding flood water into pump-sumps when waterproofing basements and cellars.
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Jetting Eye

This jetting eye is an adapted drainage channel having an integral flip-top jetting eye. Fitted to the flangeless perimiter drainage channel, the jetting eye enables easy cleaning of the channel
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Perimeter Drainage Channel

Permimeter drainage channel is used in basement waterproofing systems.The channel has no upright flange, suiting basement floors having stepped footings or a central drainage run
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Pump Sump Kit

A heavy duty pump in a high quality water sump. This single pump sump kit is designed as part of a cellar or basement waterproofing system to remove water drained from cavity drain basement membranes
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