Can I beat the Cold Freeze?

Temperatures have finally dropped below freezing, ice is appearing everywhere. I have to spend at least half an hour de-icing the van every morning, fun!

Working in these conditions is not pleasant for me or my workers. However as I am off next week I have a Damp Proofing job that needs doing this Friday, I am determined to get it done. I will be using the Twistfix Damp Treatment All Cure Total in a property. Walls need to be injected with DPC Cream both inside and out. If the weather stays like this then it is going to be fairly bitter for when I need to start the job. Thursday night I will have to make sure I lay out all my thermal clothes. In the morning I will make a flask of hot soup, depending on if I have any! I want to make sure I have adequate layers on! Let’s face it the next few months will be like this, best get used to it and combat the effects.

As well as keeping yourself warm, you need to keep your home warm this coming winter. Everybody and everything will feel the brunt of the winter freeze. Snow and Ice can cause a lot of problems inside and out. I suggest ‘cold-proofing’ your home with loft insulation. This has personal and economic advantages so will save you money, this is nice especially after what will no doubt be an expensive Christmas period. I am hoping to just come out of this winter with a measly cough and cold. I hope I get nothing too serious! So I’ll spend a lot of time preparing for my work over the next few months. Let’s see how it goes. I often ask people the question.

Would you rather be too hot or too cold?

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