Builders expand their skills with Twistfix how-to videos

Thousands of UK builders have learned extra skills thanks to an innovate series of instruc­tional computer animated videos.­  Techno­logical advancement in equipment and materials mean that once a building defect has been correctly diagnosed and a remedy prescribed, wall repairs can be carried out effectively by any competent builder or DIY enthusiast who is able to follow clear instructions - and just at a time when extra income will be more welcome than ever.

The short video animations offer a step by step product installation guide to remedy a variety of building defects including rising damp, wall tie corrosion, cracked brickwork and lintel failure.­  Further animations are planned including those for osmosis damp proofing and lateral restraint ties for supporting bowing walls

The new Twistfix interactive house is a useful tool to identify defects in masonry walls and to demystify masonry wall repair techniques for simple tasks such as wall tie replacement, crack stitching and retrofit masonry rein­for­cement.­  Virtually every specifying professional and builder we speak to has viewed at least one of these animated videos

For those wanting to use the animations for educational use a FREE CD is available upon request...

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