6mm x 7m Bed Joint Reinforcement

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Retrofit bed joint reinforcement pack containing 6mm x 7m stainless steel helical bars.  The versatile 6mm reinforcing bar is the standard size rod used for most masonry repair and brick reinforcement applications

Twistfix 6mm helical bars have a nominal tensile strength that is twice that of rebar, four times that of epoxy glass-fibre rods and seven times that of wound helix plate (Ref: BRE GBG62)

Technical Details

  • Grade of Stainless Steel       =   304 Austenetic
  • Helical Bar Dimensions          =   6mm diameter x 7000mm long
  • Nominal Cross Section Area  =   7.4 mm
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength      =   1050-1200N­/mm2

Available in packs of 5, these 7 metre long helical bars are tied in a loop for ease of transpor­ta­tion. Some memory-coil may be retained when the reinforcement is un-coiled.

Read the BRE Report and Load / Span Tables to determine the load bearing capacity of a brick beam/ lintel formed with 6mm helical reinforcing bars. These BRE tables relate to genuine second generation patented 6mm helical bars used with WHO-60 grout. Do not use BRE tables if using other types of helibars, other bar diameters or alternative mortars/ resin.

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29th Nov 2013, 13:29
Brilliant product. Easy to use and great results.
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28th Nov 2013, 16:34
  • Overall satisfaction Excellent
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Rating 5.0
11th Nov 2013, 15:26
We are the English Listed Building Co and have used Twistfix Helibars for many years on some very impressive restorations around the Cambridge, saffron Walden and Huntingdon areas.

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