All I want for Christmas...

Christmas is scarily close, everyone is in Christmas mode in between work I am trying to find my friends and family the perfect gifts, I should hope they are doing the same!

I don’t like leaving all my ordering to the last minute because I find that it never comes in time for Christmas. Many people would find my Christmas list rather boring I never look for other gifts or anything different; my list is full of tools and materials I can use throughout the upcoming year. I see it as the best chance to build on my vast range of tools; I’ll add these to my collection. Also I can get rid of my aged and worn out stuff that has run its course after taking a beating.  I need to hint to my family and friends when I see them as they’re not as technically minded as me and would end up getting me any old rubbish. They wouldn’t know what to buy me and in my view you can never have enough power tools.

People come and ask me to repair their faulty or broken Christmas lights at this time of year, something I cannot do. I get lots of enquiries this time of year for people needing work doing quickly before the holidays as they want everything done before Christmas Day. I do have the next week to complete what I need to do, I should be finished for Christmas Eve, and rest assured I won’t be cooking this year! So in the meantime I will have to wait to see what my friends and family have bought me for Christmas. Hoping I will get the power tools and extra materials I have hinted for, I tried to point them Twistfix’s way as much as I could. If not I guess I can build with the Lego my brother gets me every year.

What would you like for Christmas?

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